Monday, 19 December 2011


Woo rain ~ screw you man . Went to buy another hamster house again . Wanted to sit on bus from one end to the other end then go home but .. Too lazy . I felt bad towards my mum cause she knew I was all alone at home but I just told her off .. But I really didn't mean to .. Because my dad met an accident last two years and he's still on wheelchair and I really don't want mum to leave him i was afraid that he would fall or something .. But after that my mum called back and said that she is staying at the island instead .. I don't know to feel happy or sad .. I just feel bad . But deep inside my heart I love my parents most .. Without them there wont be me without being here I'll never know that this world exists . Heh ! ^^ I love you mum and dad ! Lately they also found out that my mood isn't good .. And they did tried their best to cheer me . Quite happy ah .. Alright ~ while writing this they just called me from the island . So sweet eh ... I only dare to trust my parents ..

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