Saturday, 7 January 2012

Batam trip !

Woo . Went batam for three days to do CIP . Uh tired ~ but it was meaningful la . Admire those orphans . They were strong kids who are really alone in this world and yet surviving happily in such dirty and uncomfortable environment . Hmm .. Good .. They are really strong people . Oh and this boy , so cute ! When I gave out clothes and stuffs this boy came to me and asked for my name ! And when I was boarding the bus , he ran to me from the field and shouted my name then bye bye ~ hahaha so cute ! I would marry him man ! Heh ah joking ~ I would choose to live with them .. They have got innocent looking eyes .. And they were just a simple human being .. Really wish my life is like that . Oh and yesterday wanted to do piercing on my right ear .. But the aunt said its dangerous ! Uh .. Forget it I will find other places that could pierce the place I wanna pierce . Oh and I bought belly stud ! Pretty much ~ uh I really need to do piercing ~ I don't feel good .. And .. I am down with flu ! Bad bad , I kept sneezing ! Like .. Every minute . Uh nose dropping la .. Had a fun day with Sunnie , my classmate . She went my house to bathe and eat . My parents was enjoying with her . Awe sweet ~ well , maybe she is coming again next week to study with me . N levels this year ! I wanna leave everything aside except studies .. So I can let go everything this way . Hopefully ? Yeayea ~ alright ~

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